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Other Game Projects « CASEY DONNELLAN



Other Game Projects


Monster Munchies


This is a game I worked on for our first Team Game Project (TGP) at The Guildhall at SMU. The goal of the game is to become the largest monster in the world by eating all the smaller monsters. Monster Munchies was created using XNA and Torque 2d over a period of 8 weeks by a five person team. I did all of the programming.

This is probably my favorite game I have worked on. Our team had a very solid shared vision, we were appropriately scoped, and we ended up building a highly fun and polished final product.


Mr. Sinister

This was a game project my fellow programmers and I worked on during the first module at the Guildhall. It is a Sinistar clone named “Mr Sinister”. It’s not much from a technical standpoint, but we really threw ourselves into this project for about two weeks and I think the end result was really, really fun. I programmed nearly all the logic for the player’s ship, the starfield, and the “warp sequence” after you beat Mr Sinister. I also added some neat little mechanics like allowing your laser to charge into a “super laser” that can break through asteroids if you don’t hold down the fire button for a second, or turning your laser into a “hyper laser” if you can mash the button fast enough. Kills with the hyper laser give you more points.



Instructions: Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim and shoot.

Press and hold the spacebar to build stuff. The amount of time you hold it down determines what you build in this order: power plant, tractor beam, turret, forcefield.

Press spacebar to pickup/drop stuff. Drop crystals onto buildings to upgrade them. Drop them into the central reactor to upgrade your gun. Build tractor beams to get crystals.

Hold spacebar while over the reactor to heal yourself. Each different building you hold provides a different power.


This is still VERY much a work in progress, in desperate need of real art. It’s a flash game I’ve been toying around with for a while, tentatively titled ‘Astro Mine’. The idea is that you’re a sort of deep space trucker, hauling a valuable asteroid back into friendly territory where it can be processed. On the way you get attacked by all manner of creatures, from space pirates to alien spores.

This is a really rough prototype of the game, made in Flash using Flixel with programmer art. Everything discussed in the game below is actually in the prototype, although there may be a few bugs. The player controls a gun/crane thing on the surface of the asteroid. It can move around the the asteroid, shoot lasers, build four different types of buildings, and move stuff around. The “reactor” sits in the center of the base and visually represents how much energy you have. Anything that is on the surface of the asteroid can be picked up and dropped into the reactor to provide more energy.

The game has four different types of buildings you can build. In addition, the player gains a special power while holding each of the buildings. The buildings don’t “cost” anything to build, but each takes longer then the next to build.

1.) Power Plant – provides more energy for the base. Special – the player moves faster

2.) Tractor Beam – pulls space debris into the reactor to give you more energy. Also pulls crystals onto empty base tiles. These can be used to upgrade buildings as well as the main ship’s gun. Special – lets the player shoot a “heal beam” to repair buildings.

3.) Turret – automatically shoots at stuff. Special – links all turrets under player control.

4.) Force-field- protects a 3×3 area from enemy bullets. Special – allows the player to control a “beam” that deflects enemy bullets.


Johnny Apple Siege

Johnny Apple Siege was the product of the first ever student organized Guildhall Game Jam. We put this together in about 36 hours with ten people. There are still A LOT of bugs, but I am pretty happy with it, all things considered. The game concept is that you are a big golden apple that rolls around and squishes bugs. Your goal is to protect some sort of magical plant from the bugs eating it. You can kill a lot of bugs by yourself, but as you roll over them you slow down, so in order to stop the onslaught, you need to plant other plants to defend yourself. Doing so takes energy, which you get from squishing the bugs.

The portion of the game I worked on was the controls/animation for the player’s apple, and collision between the player and terrain. I also built figured out how the level designers could make levels for the game. We had the artists create tile-able assets and created backgrounds using a tilemap editor. Instead of parsing all of the data properly and “re-assembling” the tilemap at run time, we just exported an image of the background from the editor program. At the same time, however, the level designers were building a “logical” layer overlaying the art layer. This data was then parsed at load time and used to create objects like walls, enemy spawners, and the player start.

The Guildhall Game Jam was a really great experience. I cannot wait to do another one. You learn as much making a game over the course of two days as you do over the course of six months.



This project was my first foray into the realm of UDK. I was Game Designer on a team of 7 for Blastmaster (two artists, four level designers, one other programmer) although I still mainly did programming. The inspiration for this game came from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie “Space Mutiny” where the fearless meathead hero gets dozens of “railing kills” (see this for reference) on anonymous henchmen.

We didn’t really know what we were doing, but we really stuck to the core concept and made what I consider to be a pretty entertaining game. Perhaps more importantly, we really learned a lot about UDK and Unrealscript as well as how to work on a team.